kefir recipe

Glass of fresh homemade milk kefir

Simple recipe for a fresh homemade milk kefir, great as a side of a dinner or added to a smoothie.


You will also need:


Stage one – set up

  1. Pour all the milk into the jar, add the kefir grains and stir all with wooden spoon.
  2. Cover the top of a jar with muslin cloth and secure it with the rubber band.
  3. Leave on the top of your fridge or your kitchen counter for two to four days, stir once a day with wooden spoon.

Stage two – fermentation

  1. Try it after two days to check if it is sour enough for you.
    The longer you leave it the more sour it will become.
  2. You will know if your kefir fermented when the whey starts to separate, and/or the milk will have more bubbles and thicken up.

Stage three – straining & storing

  1. When the kefir is ready, and you are happy with how it tastes, take another jar or plastic container and place plastic strainer over it.
  2. Pour the kefir through it and use wooden spoon to make sure all of the kefir strains through without letting any of the kefir grains to fall into your strained liquid.
  3. Close the jar and keep the kefir in the fridge for up to a week.
    Consume as a side for a dinner or with your smoothie.
  4. Gather the kefir grains into plastic or glass container and keep on the side (outside the fridge) until next use while keeping them covered and in small amount of milk.
    Or set up new kefir straight away following the instructions above for the ‘stage one’.

    Large jar with a plasticstrainer over it and wooden spoon used for separating kefir grains from already made kefir

    Process of straining kefir


Kefir ferments quicker when it is in a warm place but not in direct light.
Kefir ‘doesn’t like’ metal and it is IMPORTANT to use plastic of wooden tools with it.